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Design Code Pvt Ltd provides professional services in contemporary, unconventional, timeless and sustainable architectural design, urban design, planning, interior design and project management. The firm is led by two brothers, Kirti Patel – practicing architect and Arvind Patel – interior designer.

The firm works in the area of private residences like bungalows, farm houses, weekend homes, industrial plants, residential enclaves, commercial complexes like corporate offices, shopping centers, institutional buildings like colleges, urban projects like theme parks, hospitals, gymnasiums, civic centers.

The firm adopts good management practices while known for excellence in urban design and planning within prescribed budgets, creating standout structures combining elements of aesthetics and efficient functionality. Extensive use of CAD and computer skills, which is done in house, helps client to visualize their project in the best possible manner. They experiment with space, light and various materials along with new techniques. As final result, design serves the built environment, comfort places, master planning in contemporary architecture, interior, landscape, lighting and furniture design. The firm values high quality leadership and teamwork.

Kirti Patel
Practicing Architect and Hon. Secretary, GICEA

K.C. has energetic personality with dynamic nature, having keen interest in technology, modern trends, aesthetic values, unconventional innovations and own creations with the use of new techniques, has established himself as one of the leading practicing architects in Ahmadabad. His key strengths are planning and designing in contemporary and timeless architecture for residential bungalows, townships, urban design and commercial as well as industrial buildings based on “vastu-science”. As a strong believer of vastu-science, he prefers to use natural elements in designs. He believes a good design produced from functionality, careful study and research combined with technical aesthetic knowledge and artistic judgment. When attention to details, functions, proportions and scale comes together with common sense, develops the best concept and a great design.

Arvind Patel
Interior Designer

As he is a creative and enthusiastic personality, A.C. Patel is known as one of the leading interior designer in west India. He serves comfort living spaces and luxury with unconventional designs using different materials along with unique techniques. Having experience of 20 years in the field of interior design, he has established DCPL brand as one of the customized solution provider. A play of material, a best use of technology, and a design sensibility defines the work style of Arvind Patel. He aims at transforming every site into a simulating environment and rich innovative details. He believes that once the aimed conceptual design and the trust of a client are resolved, everything falls in place.